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We're delighted that you have found The Household Dynamics! Website...

Hello! ...from the place where our new Awesome! Platform family of integrated systems makes it easy to build an internal website system for your family which can do something within your lifestyle management strategy that had not existed prior to this time. 

Imagine a household that you run just the way you want it ...and the whole thing keeps it simple to update and maintain your family, your vital concerns, your contacts to the outside world from cradle to grave across your own new family foundation.

All without the disappointing big brother metality of the 21 century thus far. 

Household Dynamics is a remake and a complete revision to concepts that began over 30 years ago around Minneapolis Minnesota in the mind of a field technologist James Allen Homyak. SInce inception, James has worked as a volunteer for over 20,000 hours to develop a deeper exploration into affordable housing and sustainable development. 

James started to conceptualize a business model to serve at the heart of a now termed "collective impact" spanning food security, lifestyle management, home building, affordable housing and a wide range of vertical/horizontal approaches to community collaborative outreach.

Back in the day around the time of the late 80's, James was told his concepts with over 30 years ahead of their time.  This would make 2020 the time to unleash the vision with a viable market penetration effort.  We hope you see this as you familiarize with Household Dynamics and out Awesome! platform for household operations management and youth advancement knowledgeware. 

Awesome! is a flexible and powerful platform, whether you are building a small A-Side site for yourself or your household or a huge B-Side public presence with hundreds of thousands of visitors. Awesome! is open source, which means you can make it work just the way you want it to as a basic framework with easy D-I-Y configration panels on the Metabord™ touchscreen control panel that is also under development at Household Dynamics. Look to us for Web Apps and other digital device appliance techniques over time. 

The content in this installation of Awesome! has been designed to give you an in depth tour of Awesome!'s features.