Housing Image Module

Affordable Multi-housing


This is a basic site about the beautiful and fascinating design concepts of the University of Minnesota Design Center.

On this site you can read all about my travels to different model home concepts, see photos, and find links to lifestyle websites.

This sample site is an example of using the core of Awesome! to create a basic website, whether a "brochure site," a personal blog, or as a way to present information on a topic you are interested in.

Read more about the site in the About Affordable Housing module.


The Multi-housing sample site is designed as a simple site that can be routinely updated from the front end of Awesome!.

As a site, it is largely focused on a blog which can be updated using the front end article, and other comtent submission.

New weblinks can also be added through the front end.

A simple image gallery uses com_content with thumbnails displayed in a blog layout and full size images shown in article and create content layouts.